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High-end swimwear – Why fabrics are so important
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High-end swimwear – Why fabrics are so important

At Retromarine, we spend a lot of time looking for inspirations for our colorful prints and astonishing designs. Every piece of eye catching men’s swimwear that we make is unique, but always belongs to a sub collection that follows a certain theme that our designer very carefully selects.

High end swimwear fabrics

Why our men’s swimwear stands out from the rest 

One of the key components of high-end swim trunk is, naturally, the fabric that it’s made of. There are the obvious requirements that the fabric needs to bring to the table ­– it needs to dry quickly, the color can’t fade, and it should feel nice on your skin. We believe that we take it a couple of steps beyond the obvious, which is exactly why our men’s swimwear stands out from everything else you’ll find around you at the pool.

Going the extra mile for perfection

In order to get the perfect color variants onto our fabrics, we have tested countless different types of polyester, put them through all kinds of treatments, and experimented with different temperature and humidity scenarios. The result you can find in our store, and at our retailers these days, is a swim trunk that features picture perfect colors that will last pretty much forever, even if you’re lucky enough to spend every day of the year in the sun. Also, they are extremely water-repellent, which helps them dry very quickly, with the added benefit of every stain coming out in heartbeat after your next dip.

High-end swimwear retromarine 

Technical capabilities aside, comfort is another crucial aspect, in order to convert a regular swim short into high-end designer swimwear. After years of product testing, we finally settled for fabrics that comply with all our quality standards, yet they are smooth and soft enough to give you that remarkable feeling of luxury and comfort. It’s basically like wearing silk pajamas all day, during your vacation. It does make our production process a lot more difficult, but seeing how our customers react, the first time they wear a pair of retros, more than makes up for the effort.

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