The original Cape Island fishing boat was designed and built on Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia in 1907. It has been used by fishermen for nearly a hundred years and is known far and wide for it's unique and rugged design. It has been modified over the years to adapt to present day requirements.

In 1961 the Nova Scotia Department of Industrial Development commissioned the building of a fiberglass inshore fishing boat. The boat that had dominated the inshore fishery for more than a century was redesigned and a new method of construction used. This boat was christened Cape Islander and was constructed of glass reinforced plastic now know as fiberglass.

The boat was not an instant success. The tradition minded fisherman were unwilling to accept the new material despite it's many advantages. It was almost another decade before this new boat was to be produced commercially. Today they populate the waters of Nova scotia and truly are the majority of boats in the maritimes.

For over fifteen years Southwest Fiberglass Products Ltd. has been producing a smaller version of these boats and supplying them to both fisherman and pleasure boaters. Although initially intended for commercial application, the fit, finish and attention to detail sets Southwest Fiberglass Products Ltd. apart from other boat manufactures in the province. Thus the transformation to pleasure craft was simple and virtually seamless.

In 2002 Retro Marine Inc. was founded and joined forces with Southwest Fiberglass Products Ltd. with the express intent of importing these vessels while adding multiple amenities and transforming them into pleasure craft. This tried and true design has allowed us to create a stable cruiser with traditional " old time looks ". New advances in 4 stroke outboard design allow the Retro 21 to maximize space and provide a quiet, low maintenance and fuel efficient experience for the discriminating boater. We invite you to look over our Retro 21 models to see if there is a Retro for you.



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